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Our certified, licensed & experienced Speech-Language Pathologists take pride in providing highly effective & individualized services

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Complimentary in-person or telehealth consultations are designed to determine if you or your child would benefit from a comprehensive evaluation

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A speech-language and/or myofunctional evaluation will be conducted to determine the diagnosis and treatment needs of each client

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Skills identified in the evaluation and treatment plan will be targeted during therapy sessions

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Meet the Owner

emily metzer, ccc-slp


"I have had three children work with Emily for different reasons - tongue thrust, articulation, and vocal nodules.  All three of my children have had incredible success through their work with Emily. She knows each of their personalities and how to push them through the uncomfortableness of changing their habits or how they make sounds.  Her patience always amazes me. My oldest son had spent six months working with another therapist for his vocal nodules and had zero improvements. He worked with Emily for five months they not only improved they were eliminated.  I would highly recommend Emily to any family. She is extremely knowledgable and builds great relationships with her clients."


"Working with Emily was one of the best experiences that our daughter has had as a teen! After she completed her long eighteen month course of braces, we discovered that she actually had a tongue thrust. This was the cause of certain sounds coming out like a lisp. Working with Emily, many of the “bad habits” that her tongue fell into were corrected! Tongue placement in the mouth also affected food preferences. At the end of the course, my daughter was more willing to give new flavors a try and now considers the formerly “disgusting” avocado as her favorite snack."


“We have been very impressed with Emily. She is both super focused on the task at hand and at the same time makes sessions fun for Hava.  Hava looks forward to her time with Ms Emily every week, which makes us so happy.  We have seen tremendous improvement in Hava’s speech and tongue placement since working with Emily and we are so thrilled we found her!” 


“Ms Emily is really nice and fun!  We play games which makes learning fun.” 

- HAVA, AGE 10

"Emily is a great speech instructor. Emily believed that I could get rid of my vocal nodules; even when my doctor questioned if it was possible. When I didn’t want to she pushed me through the exercises in a good way. She also helped me believe in myself. Finally, I got rid of them and I couldn’t have done it without Emily."


"Emily is a kind speech therapist.  She made my exercises fun. She helped me get rid of my tongue thrust.  Each week we did exercises that got me one step closer to my goal. Emily never said that I couldn’t do it.  She always made sure I was trying my best."


"Emily is a very nice speech therapist.  She makes funny jokes. Emily has a lot of fun games to play while doing speech exercises.  So we can have fun while I was improving my vocal nodules!"


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