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Montgomery Speech Boutique is trained in and certified to provide the Simon Says Orofacial Myofunctional Programs including Tongue Tips and Tiny Tongue Tips. We also offer specialized and individualized assessment and treatment for language needs, communication disorders, speech sound disorders, voice disorders, and feeding/swallowing disorders. Additionally, Montgomery Speech Boutique provides support for pre and post tethered oral tissue release procedures. 

tongue tips

The Simon Says Tongue Tips Program is designed to retrain the muscles of the face and tongue for proper posture within the mouth. It works to correct the swallowing motion and any speech sound errors that have been identified. It aims to re-establish nasal breathing which has been linked to better overall health. This program incorporates a variety of exercises that stimulate different muscles that are associated with a tongue thrust.


Typically for clients ages 7 through adulthood 

tiny tongue tips

The Simon Says Tiny Tongue Tips Program is a play-based program which focuses on teaching children proper oral and facial postures at rest, during speech, and while swallowing. It aims to re-establish nasal breathing which has been linked to better overall health. The program targets the oral phase of swallowing and when food is presented during our sessions, it is for exploration and exposure. Sessions are filled with a variety of songs, games, and activities that stimulate different muscle groups and their functions. Each week your child will receive a lesson plan that shows what was targeted during the session and what homework is to be completed for the next week.

Typically for clients ages 3 through 6

speech & language services

Individualized treatment for a variety of language, communication, speech, voice, and feeding/swallowing needs.

For clients of all ages 

pre & post TOT release

If you or your child have been diagnosed with a tethered oral tissue (aka - tongue tie or lip tie) & will be having a release procedure, pre & post treatment exercises are a critical component of care. Contact me today for a complimentary consultation to see how I can help!


For clients of all ages


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